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Making places meaningful– narratives in tourism

Pemberi pidato: Hans-Jörg Weber

Tanggal: 28, Maret, 2022 – Senin

Waktu: 19:00-20:00

Tempat: Tencent MeetingID: 775-114-005

Bahasa: Inggris


Summary: His talk deals with the topic of spatial branding. The theoretical foundations are discussed and an overview of the procedure of branding cities or regions is discussed. Using the example of the city of Berlin as a tourist destination, the theoretical aspects are applied practically.


Speaker Biography:

Hans-Jörg Weber

Graduated from Heidelberg university in Germany, Hans taught at seven universities in three countries and did research as well at Kiel university and Freiburg university. His dissertation was part of a research project from the German research council in the field of culture and tourism.

During his time in international companies, universities, and a professional association, Dr. Hans-Jörg Weber gained a valuable insight and expertise in the fields of the leisure market, association management, and well as intercultural relationship management skills.

Since 2000 he established a valuable and strong China background in business and culture.

As the former Programme Director at Steinbeis University Berlin in Germany he was responsible for managing and teaching the bachelor’s program as well as PR and PD.

As Director of International Relations, he has been entrusted with the task of building a strong international university & SME network especially in China.

Prior to that Dr. Weber was responsible for BD, PD in the leisure industry and PR as Head of Consulting in a SME in South Germany.

During his time as a Vice President of a professional Association in Germany, where he was responsible for developing strategic alliances and partnerships, developing programmes for teacher trainings as well as operational management.


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