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Carbon Neutrality and Climate Negotiation —an International Perspective

Pemberi pidato: Yitian HUANG

Tanggal: 18, April, 2022 – Senin

Waktu: 18:30-20:30

Tempat: Tencent MeetingID: 785-131-900)

Bahasa: Inggris


Summary: This talk would provide a brief review of the evolution of global climate negotiation and the latest disputes around carbon neutrality. It would first look at the background of global climate governance and the structure of the UNFCCC-based climate governance mechanism. After the introduction it would briefly discuss the old and new debates featuring the Glasgow climate conference. Following the overview of global climate negotiation would be a short discussion about the role of international carbon trading, which has been a controversial issue at the global level. Then it would be a general analysis of energy-related activities and behavioral change. It would conclude by briefly discussing the relevance of global context to global climate governance.


Speaker Biography:

Yitian HUANG

Associate professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University. His research interests include global climate negotiation, carbon trading policy, transnational private governance, etc. He has published articles with journals such as Climate Policy and Public Policy and Administration, and a book International Interactions and the Emergence of Domestic Carbon Trading in China.


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