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Elena Bárcena: Open Language Learning and LMOOCs

Pemberi pidato: Dr. Elena Bárcena

Tanggal: 10, Desember, 2019 – Selasa

Waktu: 14:50-15:35

Tempat: Kamar 154, Gedung 1, Kampus Songjiang

Bahasa: Inggris


Summary: Another learning modality that will be considered is open learning, which in fact dates back to the invention of the Internet and has taken different forms as open educational resources and practices and massive open online courses (MOOCs). The latter constitute highly challenging learning scenarios but have proven effective for the development of language communicative competences.

A successful case study will be presented of a series of two MOOCs designed and developed for displaced people, a complex user profile, with highly positive results, both from a qualitative and a quantitative perspective (e.g., overcoming the usual dropout and low accomplishment rates).

Finally, an ongoing project currently being undertaken by the author’s research group will be mentioned which aims at developing a paradigm that synthesizes mobile and open L2 learning.

Speaker Biography: Dr. Elena Bárcena is a full professor in the Department of Modern Languages at UNED, the Spanish national distance learning university, where she is the Director of the Master in ICT for Language Learning and Processing. She is the head of the ATLAS (https://bit.ly/2DIJZbt) research group, working on technological and methodological innovation in the field of Applied Linguistics. She is an expert adviser for national and international institutions like the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong. She is currently working on MALL and MOOCs. 


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